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OSHA Training "Ask the Expert"
by Cipriano A. Guzman (read more about Mr. Guzman), PE
Bilingual Safety Training, LLC

WetlandsPlease limit your questions to OSHA-Training-related topics. Also, please check the archives of this forum (coming soon) to see if your question has already been asked and answered. Mr. Guzman will attempt to answer your questions within a few days.

To ask your question, complete the form below. Make sure your email address is valid and correctly entered. Mr. Guzman will respond only to the address provided in the form.

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Cipriano A. Guzman,
Bilingual Safety Training, LLC

Cipriano Guzman

Mr. Guzman is currently the owner of Bilingual Safety Training, LLC. He received his master's degree in structural engineering from City College of New York and is a Professional Engineer registered in the state of New Jersey. He has been a long-term OSHA 500 trainer in both English and Spanish and is a licensed Site Safety Manager with the Dept. of Buildings in New York City.

Bilingual Safety Training, LLC is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable safety consulting professionals whose practice is the structure and implementation of workplace safety, corporate loss control and regulatory compliance. Every member of their staff not only holds highly technical degrees but they have practical "in-field safety" experience.

Disclaimer: Cipriano Guzman is an independent consultant and is not employed by the EPA or CICA. Mr. Guzman offers answers to questions in good faith, to the best of his knowledge. However, this nature of this forum limits him to the information provided by the submitter, and omits data derived firsthand from site visits. Readers and submitters are encouraged to use these answers as a guideline only, and explore other available sources of information in greater detail before making key decisions or process changes.

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