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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

A stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) is a fundamental requirement of stormwater permits. A SWPPP:

SWPPP requirements vary somewhat from state to state, although there are fewer differences now than a few years ago because states are adopting the federal SWPPP requirements. The requirements for each state are spelled out in the stormwater permit issued by your state agency. The Stormwater Resource Locator (SWRL) provides information on the SWPPP requirements for individual states.

More Resources

Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Template (docx). Helps construction site operators develop a SWPPP that is compliant with the minimum requirements of EPA's 2022 CGP.

Plantilla del Plan de Prevención de la Contaminación de Aguas Pluviales en la Construcción (PPCAP) (docx). Ayuda a los operadores de proyectos de construcción a desarrollar un PPCAP que cumpla con los requisitos mínimos del Permiso General de Construcción 2017 de la EPA.

Small Residential Lot SWPPP Template (docx). Helps small residential lot builders develop a streamlined SWPPP that is compliant with the minimum requirements of EPA's 2012 CGP. Note: The Small Residential Lot SWPPP template is currently being updated for the 2022 CGP. EPA will post the updated version here when it is finalized. Operators may still use the 2012 template but must comply with the requirements in the 2022 CGP and thus should read the permit carefully to make sure all required information is documented in the SWPPP.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Small Residential Construction Sites. An educational brochure that provides basic erosion and sediment control and stormwater pollution prevention guidance common to all small residential lot projects

EPA SWPPP Guide for Construction Sites.  EPA guidance document. Although published in 2007 is generally still applicable.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Small Residential Construction Sites (2015). A brochure showing 10 steps to stormwater pollution prevention on small residential construction sites.


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